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This hardcover book with gold foil details and an ribbon is an ideal addition to your devotional time with the Lord.

We all experience struggles in life that leave us disappointed, disillusioned and even the depths of despair. During these trying times that seek to crush our souls and extinguish our joy, we often turn our Creator for comfort, restoration and answers. We pour out our hearts in frustration and tears along with praise and trust. These heart cries are not unique to us, rather they echo those of King David from over 2000 years ago, as found in the Psalms.

During a time of despair and betrayal, Pastor Frank Santora prayed and struggled with his feelings, mixed with fear and faith. He was given "songs in the night" that he wrote down to encourage himself of God's goodness, faithfulness, and His ability to turn things around no matter what it looks like at present. These "Modern Day Psalms" have been compiled together in this devotional volume, to aid you on your journey of faith, and strengthen you to overcome any challenge.

Modern Day Psalms: Poetry for the Soul

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