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Since the beginning of time, the enemy of our souls has been trying to blind mankind to the goodness of God.  Pastor Frank delves into this transcendent spiritual truth that colors and controls how we pray, what we expect from God, how we interpret the Bible, how we view circumstances, and how committed we are to God.  Prepare to have your foundation strengthened by grasping this one life-changing realization: that God is a Good, Good Father!

Includes these 8 inspirational messages:

  • God is That Good
  • When God Runs
  • The Search is On
  • The Sixth Sense
  • Good Eyes
  • He Might Be Your God, But He's My Father
  • I Resign
  • The Lord is Good

This is a great series to listen to over an over to let this truth really sink in and begin to affect your life.

Good Good Father 8 CD Set

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