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God loves to bless His children; but He doesn’t bless us so we can live well, drive fancy cars, eat well, dress well, vacation well, and give extravagant gifts to our children. Rather you are blessed, so that you can be a blessing; so you can be a divine gift to the world. You are blessed so that God can use what He’s given TO you, to bless people THROUGH you. You are blessed so others can see and ultimately accept Jesus because of the blessings flowing through you. Pastor Frank shares what he wishes someone had told him about being blessed in this 4 part message series that provides answers to your questions about God’s blessing and our responsibility to embrace it.


Messages include:

  • The Blessing of the Lord
  • What I Wish Someone Told Me About Being Blessed
  • Signs You Are Supposed to be a Blessing
  • The Why of Being a Blessing

Blessed to Be a Blessing: 4 CD Set

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