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What does it take to be used by God in big ways? Salvation is freely available to everyone and doesn’t cost us anything; but the hard truth is, that it demands EVERYTHING.  Jesus himself said that anyone who desires to follow Him, must deny himself and take up his cross daily to follow Him”  He says it plain as day, no false advertising, no click bait, just simply that what you are signing up for is nothing short of  “all in!”

Going “all in” is a challenge to all believers.  It’s not as scary and difficult as it sounds.  It’s really a trust issue.  Pastor Frank  shares what it looks like to go “all in” including practical steps to truly committing your life to Christ and allowing  yourself to be used by Him in great ways, more than you can ask, think, or imagine!  This comprehensive 8 message series includes the following:

  • Going All In
  • Betting on God
  • Don’t Miss Your Moment
  • Cultivating an All In Heart Pt. 1 & 2
  • The High Price of Not Being All In
  • The Rewards of Being All In
  • The Place Jesus Went All In For Us

All In | 8 CD Set

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