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When our modern day lives are filled with challenges and uncertainties, we can sometimes forget that we serve a wonder-working God. Our faith needs to be reminded that the same Jesus who healed lame men and restored sight to the blind, can still amaze people today. If He did it for them, He can do it for you!

Using the book of John, Pastor Frank will inspire you to believe in the limitless possibilities of God's desire and power to work miracles in every aspect of your life, from health and relationships to career and finances. Prepare to be amazed anew by your Savior!

Includes the messages:

-The Fourth Day

-The Amazing Wedding at Cana

-If He Did It For Them

-There's No God Like Jehovah

-No, Not Just a Prophet

-The Water Walker

He Amazes Me 6 CD Set-Part 1

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