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  • War Room 6-CD Series
    Pastor Frank wants you to live a victorious, purpose filled life and help you discover the principles to radically change the way you pray to actually create results!
    If you are just letting life happen to you ‑ accepting whatever comes your way... you can take control and start living the meaningful life God intended for you.
    In this series, Pastor Frank teaches you the principles of prayer and how to put them into practice. To help you start living, guided by prayer that makes a DIFFERENCE in your family, finances, relationships, your health and more! God wants victory for you, but you must take action by inviting Him into your life.
    Messages include "Victories Are Not Won by Accident", "The Prayer Closet", "Let It Rain", "Pray Prophetically", "The Power of the First" and "Satan, the Lord Rebukes You!"
  • Prayer and Declaration CD (limited supply)
    Every day you can use this CD to declare the Word of God over your life. These are faith filled declarations that will break down strongholds and defeat any attack of the enemy.
  • Possibility Prayer Card
    This step-by-step guide will show you how to declare the Word over your life. Learn how to keep the words you speak in harmony with the Word of God… and discover the power these words can release in your life!

Let It Rain Bundle

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