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  • GR8: The Greatest Stories Ever Told, Volume 2 4-CD Series
    GR8 contains four LIFE-CHANGING sermons about the SOUL-SAVING POWER of God's Grace. This series profiles some of the most amazing and powerful stories in the Bible! The lessons in this compelling series will show you how to use your faith and relationship with Jesus to CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES and help you OVERCOME OBSTACLES on the journey to your Promised Land.
  • The Offering Worship CD
    Faith Worship's latest album is their Offering of praise and worship. These songs were written to encourage you in your Faith. We hope it will bless you. Includes the songs:
    On the Cross
    The Name of Jesus
    Gave It All
    All Yours
    I Find Grace
    It's Your Blood
    Father of Wonders
    God of Glory
    The Offering

Raising the White Flag Bundle

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