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  • Healer 3-CD Series
    This series will revolutionize your thinking about healing, enabling you to overcome mental, physical, and spiritual obstacles; to release complete healing in all aspects of your life. Includes the sermons: He is My Healer, The Blood Speaks, and Watch Him Work
  • Forgive Yourself CD
    There is a new "F" Word in the body of Christ! Forgiveness is a biblical commandment. We are called to release the hurt and pain of the past and walk in the power of God's Grace and forgiveness. But what if the person you need to forgive most is the person you see in the mirror? God's charge to forgive is not so easy when you must forgive yourself! But there is good news today! Pastor Frank Santora has created a special system to help you release the power of forgiveness in your life, and you can learn all about it through this powerful teaching.

Watch Him Work Bundle

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