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This Broken Nation Bundle includes 2 great series:

Answers: Biblical Answers for a Broken Nation  5 CD series

In these troubling times…when there seem to be more questions than answers...

Where do you find yourself…your place in this life? Are you constantly avoiding questions about social justice or politics?

What about the racial tensions that exist in our world today?

Are your relationships with family or friends becoming strained due to opposing viewpoints?

DON’T LOSE HOPE! If you are searching for answers to restore the joy, happiness, and peace in your life… Your search is over! Pastor Frank Santora wants to encourage you that the ministry of reconciliation is within your reach. You can be an instrument of change as you allow compassion and your words to break down the walls between us. 

This 5-Message series includes the following messages:

  • Reconciliation is My Thing
  • Mr. Rogers
  • Words & Walls
  • Liberty and Justice for All
  • The Most Important Supreme Court Decision Ever

Politicked: God’s View of The Political Zoo  3-CD Series

This 3-Message series includes the following messages:

  • God's Pick for President
  • The ABCs of Racial Healing
  • Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady


Broken Nation Bundle

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