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This is Us 5 CD series

What distinguishes us as Christians? Pastor Frank examines what the Bible reveals about the markers of a growing child of God.  He shines a light on selflessness, priorities, giving, love and being salt and light to the world.

This 5-Message series includes:

  • Don't Bury Your Head in It
  • Same Battle, Better Results
  • We Are Generous
  • This is God
  • Salty Shine

Change 3 CD series

Are you tired of living life as the same old, same old? Are you set in your ways and have the same bad
habits? Are you tired of giving up on your dreams? Take courage and say goodbye to the status quo.
Embrace the change that God wants to work in your life.

Includes the sermons:

  • Your Wings Are on the Way
  • God Experiences
  • Changed by Goodness

This is Us Bundle

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