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Mental Health Goals Study Guide Set

Volume 2: Mighty Renewing Weapons

There is a strong connection between our mind and our body.

Sometimes we feel like we are caught up in an endless cycle of failure and disappointment in life, but we have the power through Christ to stop the cycle and start a new path with the Mighty Renewing Weapons He has given us. 


In this second volume, you will learn how to replace the pathways you have repealed with renewed habits. What you see in your mind and say with your mouth you will do with your life! Thoughts, words, and actions are powerful tools that we can use to set ourselves up for success, or to tear ourselves down, so understanding how to use them is critical for achieving our mental health goals. Change is possible when we agree to do our part, and then step back and let God conquer the rest..



    • Study guide with prompts and fill-ins for your personal study
    • USB Thumb drive with 4 digital sermons
      • Mighty Renewing Weapons
      • The Mighty Say It Weapon
      • Just Do It 
      • How to Do It





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