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Discover the power of praise to help you rise above the "funk" in your life and move on to fulfilling the destiny God has for you.

This bundle includes:

  • The New York Minute Devotional
    • We've got too much to do... and not enough time to do it! In today's world, it's hard to keep up with all the demands placed on us from kids, work and chores %u2011 let alone spend an hour in quiet time with God. What we need is not more to do, but the ability to do more with what's in front of us. In the New York Minute Devotional: Change Your Life in a New York Minute, Pastor Frank provides one insight for each day of the month in a clear and concise format, designed to fit easily into your busy schedule.
  • The Offering Worship CD
    • Faith Worship's latest album is their Offering of praise and worship. These songs were written to encourage you in your faith. 

      Includes the songs:

      • On the Cross
      • Greater
      • The Name of Jesus
      • Defender
      • Victory
      • Gave It All
      • All Yours
      • I Find Grace
      • Amazing
      • It's Your Blood
      • Father of Wonders
      • God of Glory
      • The Offering
  • Miracle Worship CD
    • Life is full of ups and downs and the corresponding emotional highs and lows, but no matter what comes our way-- God is faithful. The music on this CD is a testimony of God's miracle-working power to bring us through every trying time we face in life!

      Includes the songs:

      • Surely
      • You Are God
      • God Who I Can Touch
      • Miracle
      • Throne
      • Great I Am
      • Nothing Can
      • When Words Fail
      • Other Side
  • "Got Funk" Single Sermon Cd from the "Random" series

Got Funk Bundle

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