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The Stay Woke Book Bundle gives you the best of both worlds--8 great CDs to listen to and a physical confession card in your journey to change your mind!

Many people aren't satisfied with the way life is unfolding for them. What if there was a way to change that? Even though God's Word says that we can discover the good, acceptable and perfect will of God for our lives; it does require something on our part--the renewing of our minds. Pastor Frank takes an in depth look at how to "stay woke" to the schemes of the enemy by taking control of our thought life in order to change our lives.

You will get the Stay Woke set of 8 audio CDs including these messages:

  • Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
  • Soul Food
  • Soul Food Groups
  • Think on Good Things
  • Think on Good Things-Pt. 2
  • You Never Fight Alone
  • Talk Back
  • Taking Your Talk Back to the Next Level

AND the Smart Talk Confession Card to remind you of the 5 steps to speaking words of LIFE daily into your situation to help you to change your mind!


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