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Mental Health Goals Study Guide Set

Volume 3: Ways to Have Winning Days

Maintaining an Overcomer’s Mindset Through Every Circumstance

In this third volume of the Mental Health Goals series, Pastor Frank introduces some real world tactics to begin making lasting change in your life with God’s help.

After Reflection and Identification of the mighty weapons (uncovered in Volumes 1 & 2), you will learn how to “get a win out of the way,” leverage your relationship with God every morning, create new morning and evening routines, become more proactive with creating your own inspiration and encouragement, practice habit stacking and ruthlessly root out your stumbling blocks to success.


  • Study guide with prompts and fill-ins for your personal study
  • USB Thumb drive with 4 digital AUDIO & VIDEO sermons (.mp3 & .mp4)
    • Ways to Have a Winning Day
    • Get Some Stones
    • Kill Achan
    • Don’t Draw Back

Mental Health Goals Study Guide Set-Vol. 3: Ways to Have Winning Days

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